How to Take and Export Kindle Notes

These instructions are for alpha and beta readers who want to take notes on their Kindle and export them.

I strongly suggest testing these instructions by downloading the book, taking a note or two, and exporting. 

A quick tip:

  • When making a note on your Kindle or Kindle app, please highlight an entire sentence. That will make it easier for me to get to the right location as I review your note.

If you’re reading on your phone or tablet, try this (instructions are for iPhone, though it should be similar on other devices):

  1. Take notes in the book as you read using the Kindle app.
  2. Click the icon to show all the notes. (It looks like a little page with lines on it.)
  3. Click the “Share” icon. (It looks like a box with an arrow in it.)
  4. Email the notes to yourself or to me.

If you’re using a Kindle, try this:

  1. Don’t follow the BookFunnel or StoryOrigin default instructions for putting the document on your Kindle! You need to do it another way in order to download/share your notes!
  2. Check/change the following Kindle settings in Amazon. You only have to do this ONE TIME. 🙂
    1. Log onto Amazon on your computer.
    2. At the top left, click the three little lines to pull up the left sidebar menu.
    3. Click “Kindle e-Readers and Books” and then (way at the bottom) “Manage Your Content and Devices.”
    4. At the top, click “Preferences.” Then click “Personal Document Settings.”
    5. Find your Kindle on the list. Jot down the email address or add it to your contacts in your email program. (You can edit it first to make it easier to remember if you want to!)
    6. Scroll down to “Personal Document Archiving.” Make sure it’s ENABLED.
    7. Under “Approved Personal Document Email List,” click “Add a new approved email address,” and enter your normal email address, the one you always use.
  3. Getting the book onto your Kindle:
    1. Click the link I provided for BookFunnel or StoryOrigin.
    2. You’ll be asked what device you’re using. Click “Kindle.”
    3. You’ll have different options for how to get your file. Click the option to get the mobi/Kindle file by email (rather than using a link to put it on your device).
    4. You should have an email from BookFunnel or StoryOrigin with a .mobi attachment. Forward this email to the email address you jotted down earlier (the one that ends in Your book should show up on your Kindle!
  4. Taking and sharing notes:
    1. Take notes on your Kindle as you read.
    2. When you’re done, you can’t share the notes directly from the Kindle…but you can share them from your phone or tablet!
    3. Open the Kindle app on your phone or tablet. The book should automatically show up in your Kindle library. Download it. It should include all the notes you took on your Kindle.
    4. Click the Notes icon. (On iPhone, it looks like a little page with lines on it.)
    5. Click the “Share” icon. (It looks like a box with an arrow in it.)
    6. Email the notes to yourself or to me.