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I write fantasy and fairytale retellings, along with microfiction (very short stories) and nonfiction for authors. Feel free to browse my books, and click on the buttons below to purchase or investigate them in more detail!

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Sun-Blessed Trilogy (Plus Prequel)

Emotional YA fantasy about a girl whose magic will change the world … and change her.

INCLUDES: magic, romance, and action. DOESN’T INCLUDE: steamy scenes or objectionable language.

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The Magic Eaters Trilogy (Plus Prequel)

Upper-YA fantasy featuring lots of magic and action … with dragons and romance on the side.

INCLUDES: humor, drama, hot kisses, some adult language, and a few unicorns. DOESN’T INCLUDE: graphic adult situations.

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Fairytale Retellings

Fun, romantic retellings of Rumpelstiltskin (gender-swapped) and Beauty and the Beast.

INCLUDES: Lots of faeries and lots of romance. DOESN’T INCLUDE: content inappropriate for readers age 16+ (Beauty and Deceit) or 14+ (Straw into Gold).

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Prefer Steamier Romance?

I’ve unpublished Faerie Fallen, a romantic fantasy novel I released in 2021. I plan to republish it (as the first in a series), in a steamier form, under a pen name.

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The Curio Cabinet

150 miniature stories and poems covering all genres … sci-fi, romance, fantasy, horror, mystery, and more.

INCLUDES: Stories and poems so short, each one can be read in 30 seconds or less. DOESN’T INCLUDE: content inappropriate for readers 12+.

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Early Readers Catch the Worms

Nonfiction book for authors (especially indies) about working with alpha, beta, and ARC readers.

INCLUDES: Proven systems that you can replicate and modify, all in an easy-to-read, lighthearted guide. DOESN’T INCLUDE: Real worms.

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Where to Find My Books

Check out Amazon for my ebooks and print books. While you’re at it, follow me there!

I narrate my own audiobooks. You can listen to samples and purchase on Audible.

Purchase signed copies (when available) at my online bookstore.

Follow me on Goodreads, and shelve my books there.

Looking For the Sequel to Faerie Fallen?

If you read Faerie Fallen, which I released in 2021, thank you!

I decided to pull Faerie Fallen off the market and republish it with steamier romance, under a pen name. I plan to publish the sequel, Faerie Found, shortly after publishing the new version of Faerie Fallen.

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Looking For Steamier Romance?

I write steamier romance under a pen name. To get all the details (plus get a chance to be on my ARC team and read upcoming publications early), sign up for my pen name’s newsletter!

Did Somebody Say “FREE BOOKS”?

I love giving readers an opportunity to check out my writing for free. I have these free ebooks available:

  • Birth of Magic (a novella-length prequel to the Sun-Blessed Trilogy). It’s free on your ebook retailer of choice.

  • Straw into Gold (a short, romantic Rumpelstiltskin faerie tale retelling).

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