Working with Early Readers (Alpha, Beta & ARC): A Blog Series


Hi, fellow indie authors!

Over the course of two fiction book series, I’ve developed reliable, incredibly helpful teams of alpha, beta, and ARC readers. I’ll share these systems with you in this blog series.

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First, some definitions:

  • Different people use the terms alpha readers and beta readers in different ways. Here’s how I use those terms:
    • Alpha readers read my manuscript as I’m writing it, and then they give me feedback on chunks of it. Essentially they’re reading the first draft (though I do read through chapters once before moving on, so it’s more like a second draft.)
    • Beta readers read my manuscript after I’ve already done extensive revisions and polishing, and then they give me feedback.
  • ARC readers are given ARCs (Advance Review Copies) to read and review. An ARC is a completed novel, as error-free as possible, just distributed before the book is published.

Click here to go to Part 1 of this series: ALPHA READERS.

This blog series is a good start for those trying to build early reader teams. but if you’d like more step-by-step instructions and resources, check out my new book, Early Readers Catch the Worms.

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